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Johnny & Felicia’s mission of A StepUp, Inc. is to Educate, Connect, Equip and Inspire current and future generations of coaches. A STEP UP Symposium aims to provide ALL Coaches with insight similar to executive leadership concepts to aid in their ability to be effective coaches, leaders, managers, teachers & mentors.

  • A Step Up Symposium

  • Next Level Symposium

  • Head Coaches Executive Leadership Academy 

  • Assistant Coaches Hall of Fame Induction

  • A Step Up, Inc was established in 2010.

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Next Level

Receive personalized coaching from college administrators focused on helping you become more effective in the interview process and in your new role as a head coach.


Gain insight about how to create and/or tweak your action plan and portfolio by observing the successful habits and missteps that relatively new head coaches have experienced on their journey to becoming a college head coach.  


Examine your coaching philosophies and unchallenged assumptions about leadership and how to build a successful program.        

Successful head coaches share strategies for leading, managing, teaching, and changing the culture of a new program.


Head Coach Executive Leadership & Academy

Our HCELA explores new management and leadership trends, best practices on developing talent and empowering people, inspiring collaboration and teamwork, mastering the art of fund development and ideas regarding how to leverage relationships for better results. 

As Head Coaches, you have the direct and indirect responsibility for the performance of your team.  Successful leaders must be strategic about sustaining and driving change. That requires them to serve as catalysts in helping their team evolve to a new level of excellence.

Our Head Coaches Leadership Academy offers the rare opportunity for Head Coaches to step back from your daily responsibilities, reevaluate your leadership and management style, and continue in the direction you are moving your program or hit the reset button. 

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